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Kacee's Solo Albums

Album Title: Short on Time & Money
Producer: Kacee and André Berry
Release Date: July 1, 2013
Style: Funk Rock with a modern electronic edge

Kacee teamed up with funk master André Berry to create a modern sound based on their shared love for all things funk and rock retro. While working through the writing and arranging process, a unique sound began to emerge and they knew they were creating something special. They have successfully combined many sounds - funk, rock, classical, Eastern - and given birth to a sound utterly unique to them.

Due to Kacee's touring schedule, they decided to release an EP, the first installment in a series that will one day complete a record [currently titled Never Not Broken]. The 3 songs chosen for the EP are varied samples of what is to come when the project is complete. The first track, Bounce, is Kacee and André's answer to the popularity of dance tracks. It will definitely make you want to move your body. The second track, Here I Am, is a soulful ballad that speaks directly to the heart. The third track is a cover of The Temptations' Ball of Confusion. It is a fresh, modern approach to a poignant classic.

Album Title: Mama Came to Sing
Producer: Tom Lilly
Co-Producer: Kacee
Release Date: December 1, 2005
Style: A powerful and ecclectic mix of hard-driving rock and AAA alternative.

PRESS RELEASE, December 2005:

Kacee's sophomore effort, Mama Came to Sing, had to be squeezed into the gaps and seams of a busy schedule, which included playing the lead role in the off-Broadway rock musical, "Love, Janis," fronting Big Brother & the Holding Co. (Janis Joplin's original San Francisco based band), and singing backgrounds on Joe Cocker's 2005 Heart & Soul world tour. It was a long time in the making but well worth the wait.

Teaming up with close friends Tom Lilly and Jon Nichols (both of the Beth Hart Band) proved to be the magical combination necessary to bring the project to fruition. Mama is a blend of hard-hitting rock, funky folk, groovy blues, and moody pop. It is the culmination of lonely days spent on the road and crazy nights spent writing in the studio, and promises to deliver the raw vocals and powerful lyrics that have become the cornerstone of Kacee's success as a songwriter.

From Kacee: "Of all the blessings in my life, music is the most mysterious and profound. As you listen and become a part of my music, my hope is that you take something profound with you and are thereby blessed as well."

Album Title: Seeing Red
Producer: Kacee

PRESS RELEASE, January 1996:

Seeing Red is the 1996 release by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Kacee. A combination of traditional blues, modern rock, jazz, and gospel helped make Kacee a name in the 90's. Blue-eyed soul is her personal style, and her debut album, Seeing Red, is a stunning tribute to the influences that have shaped her musical personality.

Kacee's souful voice and emotionally charged lyrics are the perfect compliment to the funky grooves co-written by one of the industry's best drummers, John Wackerman. Seeing Red is a trip through an artist's emotional trials and tribulations. The tracks range from a rockin' 12-bar blues to a sleepy lullaby -- an eclectic mix of songs that reflect a variety of moods and influences. This very accomplished debut effort is the culmination of four years of song writing and a lifetime of singing.

The first single off Seeing Red is My Shoes. Kacee enlisted the help of her dear friend, blues guitarist Coco Montoya. His distinct guitar style combined with Kacee's smooth vocals have created a blues tune that is anything but basic. My Shoes is a club favorite, and one of her most heavily requested songs.

Kacee cashed in on every favor ever done and every promise ever made to assure the completion of Seeing Red. It paid off. Some of the most talented musicians in the business are featured, including T Lavitz, Coco Montoya, Danny Jacob, Tom Lilly, Ray Brinker, Tommy Alvarado, Eric Mckain, and finally, Michael Sena, award- winning engineer for artists such as Taj Mahal. Says Kacee, "The support I've received from my friends and peers has been unbelievable! They all went to the grindstone with me when it mattered most. Everyone involved with this project should be equally proud of its outcome."

Other Recording Projects

Album Title: Into the Blue
Artist: Adrian Galysh
Release in: May 2016

In 2016, Kacee teamed up with Adrian Galysh on his solo release, "Into the Blue," singing on 6 of the 9 tracks and co-writing 5 of them. Los Angeles-based guitarist Adrian Galysh is an on-demand solo artist, session guitarist, published author, and educator with an illustrious career spanning five studio albums. With Into The Blue, Galysh departs from his usual progressive/instrumental style, diving deep into gritty blues-rock tracks accompanied by his own vocals, and also those of vocal powerhouse Kacee Clanton (Joe Cocker, Luis Miguel), who lends her sultry voice to the album as a guest artist and co-writer. Click here for more info and to purchase "Into the Blue".

Album Title: Heartbeat
Artist: G.E.M
Label: Humming Bird Music, LTD.
Release Year: 2015

Kacee sung background vocals on "Therefore", "Long Distance" and "Blindspot"

Album Title: Xposed
Artist: G.E.M
Label: Humming Bird Music, LTD.
Release in: June, 2012

After her world concert tour last year, G.E.M. is back with a new sound and style for her highly anticipated fourth album! No longer a teenager, the rising Hong Kong pop idol has found much musical inspiration from the recent setbacks and tremendous pressure in her life, and that became the basis of the new album. Again recorded in Los Angeles with a crew of top international musicians, Xposed contains seven Mandarin and three Cantonese new songs, including the chart-topping lead single Someday I'll Fly and the second plug What Have U Done, both penned by the singer-songwriter. Visit www.geteverybodymoving.com for more info.

Album Title: Dunalanz
Artist: Dunalanz

Debut album of Mexican singer/songwriter and Electronica artist DunaLanz. Visit www.dunalanz.com for more info.

Album Title: Your Town Follies

Soundtrack for Your Town Follies, a high-octane European Nouveau Variety show with an Americana twist, directed by Stephan Haves, comic act designer for Cirque du Soleil. All tracks produced and arranged by Philip Giffin.

Album Title: Mudpies
Artist: Yvonne Perea

Yvonne Perea's original music is a moving mix of blues, folk, and pop, infused with her thick, soulful voice. Perea's sound always makes each song uniquely hers--a distinction she has unquestionably earned. Perea is the embodiment of the strong female musician--and she delivers every time.

Album Title: Gypsy Lullabies
Label: Passions Press Publishing

The Gypsy Lullabies Album Series Concept
The Gypsy Lullabies Volume One is the first album in a series of showcase and collaboration CDs featuring the talents of multiple artists. Los Angeles based artist, Kacee, lends us her vocals on the track "Losing the Gypsy in Me."

Album Title: I Need a Holiday
Label: Dallas Hodge's Self-Released CD
CD Release Date: TBA

"I Need a Holiday" was accomplished with a lot of love for music, the combined efforts of friends and new friends and our persistence to create a unique sound which comes from the heart.

Album Title: An All Star Tribute To Shania Twain
Label: All Starz Records
CD Release Date: July 12, 2005

Discover Kacee's soulful voice on "You're Still The One" (Track 10) and her amazing background vocals on "Come On Over" (Track 8), "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" (Track 9), "I'm Jealous" (Track 11), and "Ain't No Particular Way" (Track 12).

Album Title: An All Star Tribute To Cher
Label: All Starz Records
CD Release Date: Oct 25, 2005

Kacee leaves her mark with her incredible voice on "I Want You" (Track 10).

Album Title: For Your Soul
Label: Ghost Music
CD Release Date: 2004

GHOST's first self-produced album "For Your Soul" . . . put the soul back in West Coast Funk. It is an eclectic mix of funk, soul and hip-hop.


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